Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
5 Quick Tips for All the Pregnant Mothers

It is very important to keep yourself healthy and active if you are pregnant. But not all ladies experience healthy pregnancies some may have to suffer from a lot of complications during this phase. Pregnant women need the support of their families and most importantly of their husbands. Delivering a healthy child is a dream for every pregnant woman and to fulfill this dream they have to perform better during this phase. One of the common issues that we used to hear from the majority of the ladies during this phase is weight gain in pregnancy kg.

You have to keep a check on your body weight during this journey so that you can know whenever any slightest change occurs. Gaining weight is normal but gaining excessive weight is not. Those who gained weight during this journey have to suffer from many complications during and after their pregnancy. Excessive weight gain can lead to breathlessness, insomnia, sweating, extra tiredness, etc. If you are also experiencing this then you must see your doctor to know more. Here are some quick tips to note that can help you manage excessive weight gain:

  • Practicing prenatal yoga: So, one of the easiest tips is to add prenatal yoga to your routine. Lack of physical activity leads to this problem but prenatal yoga can help you out in this. Prenatal yoga is especially meant for the purpose of keeping the body of pregnant women active and fit so that they can deliver smoothly without any complications. Even if you have not gained excessive weight you can still join prenatal yoga classes.
  • Quitting fried or junk diet: If you were also eating outside more as compared to eating home-cooked food then you have to quit it now. Those who eat junk food more are likely to face excessive weight gain. You need to gain only a healthy weight as suggested by the doctor. Say no to all your junk food cravings in order to be healthy during pregnancy.
  • Sticking to a healthy diet: A healthy diet is key to a healthy baby if you want one then you have to eat that way. Those who stick to a healthy and balanced diet during this phase are most likely to gain healthy weight only. The problem of excessive weight gain is also not suffered by such ladies. You can get a diet chart especially meant for a pregnant lady so that you can eat accordingly.
  • Getting regular checkups done: You need to make sure you are visiting your gynae regularly as asked by the doctor. Regular check-ups can help you know whether you are gaining excessive weight gain or not. Your gynecologists will keep a check on your BMI so that you don’t have to face any challenges during this time.
  • Getting ultrasounds are done: Get your ultrasound done as and when suggested by your doctor as from them they get to know about the baby’s growth. If anything will be wrong they will get to know about it.

Make yourself aware of weight gain during pregnancy month by month so that you don’t panic about a sudden increase.

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