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Mosa cream chargers

Mosa cream chargers are small gas cylinders filled with pure food-grade nitrous oxide. They’re widely used in restaurants to create refreshing foams that enhance desserts and mocktails.

Each whipped cream charger is silver glazed to prevent kitchen moisture from causing rust on the top of the charger. They’re also filled with pure Linde N2O gas in Mosa’s state-of-the-art factory and guaranteed to work well with any modern day whipper/dispenser.

Mosa cream chargers

Preserves Food Longer

Whipped Mosa cream chargers and other foods made using whipped chargers can stay fresh for longer, thanks to the fact that nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) displaces oxygen and prevents the fats from going rancid. This allows chefs and home cooks to prepare and store food for a longer period of time without the need for refrigeration.

The use of whipped chargers is not banned by any health or safety laws in the UK and US, as they are designed specifically for culinary use to safely inject pressurised nitrogen into liquid recipes. They are often used to prepare whipped cream, foams, and sauces for restaurants, bars, and home use.

N2O Mosa cream chargers can also help chefs and bartenders reduce marinating times for meats by injecting pressurized nitrous oxide into the marinade. This allows the marinade to absorb flavor much faster than traditional methods and saves both time and money.

The nitrous oxide gas injected into a liquid recipe by a Mosa cream chargers also helps to make it lighter and more airy, which makes it easier for bakers to decorate cakes and pastries, as well as create impressive food presentations. The nitrous oxide also helps to cut down on preparation and cooking times, as the whipped chargers can bind ingredients together more quickly than traditional methods. This is particularly helpful for dishes and drinks such as whipped chocolate mousse, Pina Colada, and nitro cold brew coffee.

Prevents Bacteria Growth by Mosa cream chargers

The Mosa cream chargers are a cylindrical canister or cartridge mostly made of stainless steel and stuffed with nitrous oxide (N2O). The n2o gas accelerates the whipping process, making it easier to aerate your whipped cream. Nitrous oxide is also bacteriostatic, which prevents bacteria growth in the dispenser and can keep your whipped cream fresh for up to two weeks.

You can choose from a variety of sizes, ranging from the standard half-litre to a larger 615g cylinder that is ideal for restaurants and bars. These cylinders are filled with 8g of certified pure culinary-grade nitrous oxide N2O gas.

Each n2o charger is anodised to resist corrosion, ensuring that your whipped cream tastes just the way you want it. Moreover, the chargers are designed to be environmentally friendly and contain no harmful chemicals. This is why many chefs, bartenders and cooking enthusiasts all over the world trust them for their everyday use.

Maintains Freshness

The manufacturer of Mosa cream chargers has anodised each nitrous oxide charger to protect it from corrosion. This preserves the gas inside and ensures that whipped cream will always taste fresh. It also prevents the formation of bacteria, allowing charged cream to remain in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Each 8g Mosa cream chargers cartridge is filled with the highest quality food-grade nitrous oxide. The chargers are also tamper proof and designed for safe disposal after the gas has been ejected from the dispenser.

Nitrous oxide is commonly referred to as laughing gas because of its euphoric effects when inhaled. However, it has many other legal uses including the culinary industry. Hence, it is an important kitchen ingredient in restaurants and bars. It is also a popular option for dessert decoration in cafes and bakeries.

The best part is that you can easily buy a set of these chargers at a reasonable price. A typical set consists of 24 chargers but you can even buy them in bulk or wholesale for commercial use. So, whether you are a home cook or a professional chef. You can make your life easier with these high-quality chargers that will last for years to come. They are compatible with most standard n2o cream whippers including those from Liss, iSi and Kayser.

Easy to Use

With Mosa cream chargers, you can effortlessly whip up a half-litre of fresh whipped cream in an instant. They are industry-standard and work with all brands of dispensers. They are loaded with 8g of impurity-free nitrous oxide N2O gas and made of high-grade stainless steel. This makes them durable and easy to use.

They also have a Zinc coating to prevent kitchen moisture from causing rust on the surface. This is especially important as you do not want to damage your chargers as it can lead to leakage and damage to the dispenser. In addition, they are usually free of any factory residue and contain the highest quality culinary-grade N2O gas that meets European standards.

Aside from being an effective tool for preserving food and inhibiting bacteria growth. These chargers are a great option for home and professional use. They are non-refillable and disposable, which is good for the environment as well. You can buy them in bulk at a competitive price to save money.

You can use these Mosa cream chargers to make a variety of delectable dishes such as desserts, savoury mousses, drinks and sauces. They also offer the convenience of dispensing food with just a push of a button. This can save you time, effort and energy when preparing your meals. Plus, you get four times the volume of whipped cream than you would from traditional whisking alone.

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