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Perfume Box Packaging

The beauty industry is growing at a faster pace. Perfume is included among the most usable and expensive beauty products. The perfume provides fragrance and helps with stress relief.  Each person has a distinct taste in fragrance and opts for what suits them.  As a perfume seller, you must be worried about the safety of perfume containers. Our attractive design custom perfume boxes are the best method for protecting fragile perfume bottles. We manufacture long-lasting packages using sustainable materials (kraft, cardboard, rigid). 

What are the Important Features of Our Perfume boxes Wholesale

You will be anxious to know about the key components of our custom perfume boxes.  A detailed description is given below. 

Give Protective Packaging to Perfumes with the Right Sized Packaging

You must know that an exact-sized box is very important for effective packaging. for example, perfume containers vary in size. Some have short, while others come in large sizes. The packaging of the short-sized box in a big box looks shabby and at risk of damage due to fluctuations. So, the best part about our printed perfume box is that we design a befitting and perfect-sized box.  as a result, the bottles stay tight inside and stay unharmed for a prolonged time. The product’s shelf-life storage is enhanced due to accurate packaging. 

Availability of Custom Perfume Boxes in Diverse Styles

Apart from the right-sized box, the box’s design also plays a pivotal part in distinguishing the brand’s products. Our packaging team consists of highly qualified designers who have the potential to turn your imaginative box into a practical form. You can share the design ideas with our team, and they will produce outstanding results. However, we design cardboard perfume boxes in the following styles such as:

1. Tuck end box

2. Tray and sleeve packaging

3. Perfume box with magnetic closure

4. Perfume box with die-cut windows

5. Gift perfume boxes 

6. Perfume box with foam holders

Usage of Quality Material for Well Manufacturing Perfume Boxes

We manufacture a long-lasting, beautiful custom perfume box using strong, durable stock. Our material options involve kraft, cardboard paper and rigid. We suggest best quality cardboard perfume box to those who need them for retail purposes. Cardboard is cost-effective and flexible. So, these boxes are easy to flat ship and store. However, rigid boxes are commonly used for gift, display or promotional perfume boxes. Rigid is a costly stock option and gives a very sophisticated look. Its packaging is recyclable and easy to reuse or decompose. 

Create Quality Prints with Top-Quality Printing Methods

Printed perfume boxes are the best sources to bewitch the viewers. We make use of ultra-advanced printing machines and tools for long-lasting prints. We employ state-of-the-art printing techniques such as offset, digital and screen printing. Digital and offset are quite in contrast to each other. Digital is an advanced printing method and produces results in a very short time. On the other hand, the offset method has been in use since the Middle Ages. An offset printing method is an economical option for bulk quantity prints. Ultimately, we rarely use the screen-printing method when customers demand it.

Luxurious Perfume Packaging Embellished with Finishings

There are plenty of enhancements and finishing options to enhance the overall appearance of the box and make it more captivating. 

Embossing/ Debossing:

Embossing and debossing provide a three-dimensional impact on the perfume box’s packaging.  embossing elevates the prints. On the other hand, debossing suppresses the artwork and creates dark color effects. 

Hot Foil Stamping:

Silver and gold foiling highlights a pattern and sharpens the colors. 

Gloss Lamination:

Do you wish to make prints vibrant and clear? Then gloss coating is an optimal option. It reflects the light and produces a shiny, bright and gleaming texture. 

Matt Finish:

Matt finish is the best coating option for soft and dark color prints. 

Equip Custom Perfume Boxes with Foam Holders for Fancy Packaging

Perfume is a very costly beauty item. It requires luxurious and fancy box packaging.  Including foam holders in a gift or display perfume box can enrich the whole packaging.  Moreover, foam holders are strong and tear-resistant. So, they keep fragile perfume containers protected and unbroken. 

Why Choose Us?

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  2. Quickest turnaround 
  3. No plates and die-cut charges
  4. Free design assistance 
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  6. Free of-cost digital mock-ups
  7. Market competitive prices

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