Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The game of chess has been around for centuries and has been enjoyed by every age group and background. But with time, everybody has to go to the office and work side where one usually gets time to play any game that is required for you to do so. People even have immense passion for one specific game they are very good at and they enjoy playing those games more than anything. The reason why people want to be perfect in those games is that you can turn your passion into dream, work and that is what we all want. 

How do we find an online academy for chess

Finding the best online chess academy is not that hard to go for but it can be easily found over the internet and with some resources and information. There are many academies that conduct online chess games and also let you practice and give you a good amount of time to be the pro in what you have been signed up for. The academy will teach you every basic rule of the chess game as it requires a lot of patience and thinking to level up the game.

 If someone already knows the rules and knows how to play the game, you should know all the tips and tricks to compete with the other person and that is exactly what you are going to learn in the academy with experienced people who have deep knowledge and can train you better. There are a lot of videos on social platforms which you can refer to as a review of the academy and how is their service and whether they focus on every individual student or not. Whether you can ask questions frequently if you have any doubts and for how long they take to teach you the whole game. 

Is there any top academy in chess in India

Yes, there is a lot of top chess academy in India and they represent our country with good players. Online learning can help you save time while you do your other chores simultaneously. A lot of people do not get enough time to give on things like these and hence this is a really good option to continue what you love doing for yourself. Professionals there will teach you the strategy, and skills that will be required to win a game and once you know how it goes and how things work, you can do it on your own by putting up your own strategy. The digital way can sharpen your skills can train you like a professional chess player.


The academy has its reviews and ratings and on the basis of that, you can select and take your call whether you want to go for this. You can also contact their customer care service and ask whichever doubts or queries you may have regarding the online process and how much is the fee. The charges may depend on different academy to different so do your research and look out for the best for yourself. 

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