Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Online exam software

Online exam software is gaining popularity rapidly owing to the rising adoption of e-learning courses and programs as well as the encouragement of NEP 2020 to implement remote learning. Several institutes have installed the system in their colleges but many of them are still hesitant wondering about its future scope and benefits for the students.

Here’s how an online exam system increases educational efficiency among students.

Enable Remote Learning-

The online exam software enables remote learning for students located at places far away from the college. It helps to eliminate the barrier of physical location and affordability. The students can educate themselves through online learning and have to pay a lower cost than a traditional course. The online examination software helps to educate more students and increase literacy in the country.

Moreover, the ERP campus software allows the institutes to admit a large number of students from various educational backgrounds and regions. Any student can enroll in the courses of their choice to gain skills and concepts. It helps the students to learn better and improve student outcomes.

Enables New Learning Approaches-

The online examination system enables institutes to implement new educational approaches. The main reason for introducing these methods of learning is due to the increasing awareness regarding shortcomings of traditional educational methods such as rot-based learning, teacher-oriented education, and others.

New educational methods such as CBCS, and OBE, focus on skill-based learning. They offer hands-on experiences to the students in the form of internships and projects. They help to improve student outcomes and make them ready for future opportunities in jobs and research. These educational methods can be practiced with the help of an online examination system.

Conducts Customized Evaluation-

The new educational approach does not just evaluate the students based on correct answers given in the exams but considers multiple parameters to score them. In the outcome-based education method, the students are evaluated based on their performance based on the desired outcome by the end of the course. It conducts CO-PO mapping and scores them accordingly based on every question.

These new methods of evaluation are difficult to conduct manually as it involves multiple calculations and handling a lot of student data. The online exam system automates the entire process of evaluation and gives accurate results to the students. It helps to improve their learning outcomes.

Gives Accurate Feedback-

The online exam system conducts an automated evaluation of the student’s performance in the exam in just a few seconds and gives the reports to the students instantly after completing the exam. Even though the software conducts examinations for a high concurrency of students, there is no question of system crashing or any problems. The data is highly accurate.

Further, the system gives accurate feedback to the students based on their performance analysis in various subjects and topics. It gives information about the topics that are easy for them and where they should put more work. It gives a clear understanding to the students and teachers about performance and enables the teachers to guide students accurately, which thereby improves their exam performance.

Eliminates Cheating Practices-

The online examination software uses online-proctoring technology to conduct run-time monitoring of students’ performance in the exam. It keeps track of all student activities using their device camera. The system takes frequent snapshots of their screens to record their activities during the exam. This helps to eliminate cheating attempts of students as the system immediately notices and warns them.


The online exam system is a technologically advanced solution that not only conducts the online examination, and reduces faculty workload but also improves student performance and learning outcomes over a period. The system uses cloud technology for easy data storage and access. It is easy to use and secure.

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