Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
Maple Syrup

You may have kept maple syrup in your kitchen as one of the alternatives to fattening sugar. All you have done till now is put some maple syrup in waffles, oatmeal, pancakes, and smoothies to increase their taste. But do you know this oh-so-delightful and tasty maple syrup extracted from the xylem sap, red, black, or sugar maple tree is much more than just an organic sweetener? 

Maple syrup is now a great food source that helps the human body in various ways. From offering energy to increasing heart health, maple syrup does it all. So, let’s find out all the possible benefits of adding a little bit of maple syrup to their breakfast regularly. 

How Can Adding Maple Syrup to Your Breakfast Help You?

Maple syrup is an organic sweetener that contains a few electrolytes and antioxidants, which make it a great food source. So, here are some valid reasons why you should add maple syrup to your breakfast: 

1. Boosts Energy

The human body needs manganese to help keep our hearts strong. Maple syrup contains manganese, which can help synthesise cholesterol and fatty acid and increase energy production. Taking ¼ cup of maple syrup can fulfil the daily manganese requirement by 90% to 100%. 

2. Controls Blood Sugar Level

Maple syrup is known to be a great source helpful for controlling blood sugar levels. But how maple syrup, a sweetener, can control blood sugar levels? It is a question that can come to everyone’s mind. Well, here is the reason. Maple syrup has antioxidant polyphenols. It is combined with the plant hormone named abscisic acid. This acid can improve our body’s sensitivity to blood sugar controlling a hormone called insulin. That is how  Canadian heritage organic maple syrup or any organic maple syrup can be a great source of controlling maple syrup. 

3. Protects The Heart

Would you believe it if we told you that maple syrup can protect your heart? It may not sound believable, but maple syrup is considered ten times better than processed or refined sugar in the market. 

Maple syrup contains a decent amount of zinc, which can protect the artery walls from any internal damage or free radical damage. It can also stop the arteries from becoming hard, which is another way of helping your heart to stay protected. If you have been quite worried about your heart health, we suggest adding some Canadian heritage maple syrup to your pancakes every day or at least three or four days a week to get some help besides going and seeing a doctor now and then. 

4. Boosts The Immune System

Maple syrup is a sweetener that contains a lot of zinc, as we have discussed before. The zinc in the maple syrup can help to maintain the level of white blood cells in our body, which is responsible for maintaining and boosting the immune system. It also has some strong antimicrobial properties, which have been able to fight biofilms (colonies of strong bacteria that can resist some treatments because of their size). In short, adding maple syrup to your breakfast can provide the strength to defend your body against viruses. 

5. Improves Men’s Health

We have already mentioned that maple syrup contains ample amounts of zinc. The presence of zinc in maple syrup can assist in maintaining male reproductive health and help to decrease the size of the prostate, adding a lot of benefits to men’s health. 

6. Makes The Hair Look Shiny and Bright

Who does not want shiny and strong hair? But the most important way to have shiny hair is to stay hydrated. If you stay hydrated, its positive effect will reflect on your skin and hair. You can use maple water to keep your hair hydrated and bright. But if you add some maple syrup with avocado, mash peeled banana, and some olive oil can have a very positive effect on your hair. Apply the mixture to your hair and keep it in it for twenty minutes. Wash it out and get the shiny hair you want every day. Canadian heritage organics can provide the most beneficial maple syrup for breakfast or as a paste to apply to your hair. 

Also, if you do not like to apply the paste mentioned above to your hair, remember that adding maple syrup to your morning meal daily can also help keep your body hydrated, resulting in healthy and bright hair. 

7. Helps to Boost energy

Maple syrup is one of the best sources of minerals. Therefore, it can give the body the extra energy to stay active after an intense workout. Maple syrup also has carbs, which can offer the energy one needs before an intense workout session. Moreover, maple syrup also contains twenty-four antioxidants that help regain the same energy after working out. So, by having carbs and antioxidants, maple syrup helps boost exercise performance but also helps you keep going during an intense cargo. 

8. Makes Your Skin Look Good

Adding some maple syrup to your morning meal is not only good for your health, but it is also good for your skin. Maple syrup possesses twenty-four antioxidants, providing several health and skin benefits. According to a study, adding maple syrup to a meal can serve the same benefits as having a full serving of berries and nuts. Antioxidants can protect the skin from premature ageing and any damage caused by free radicals. 

9. Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties

Maple syrup is a good source which helps fight inflammatory diseases. Whether you purchase Canadian heritage maple syrup or any other one, it always contains polyphenol, which supports preventing inflammatory diseases. As a result, one can prevent various ailments like inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular disorders, arthritis, etc. 

Also, do you know that adding maple syrup to your diet can help us reduce your stress? Maple syrup contains plant-based compounds, which can decrease oxidative stress in the body. That is how maple syrup is an important food source that prevents us from ageing faster. It also strengthens our immune system. 

10. Can Provide Essential Help to Prevent Cancer Formation

Cancer is a disease that no one wants to deal with. However, it can also happen to anyone at any time. Although we cannot stop cancer formation in our body, we can take some essential steps to try to prevent that from happening, and that one step is adding maple syrup to your morning meals. 

But how can a natural sweetener like maple syrup help prevent cancer? This question can come to many people’s minds. But maple syrup is rich in antioxidants, which means it can protect the human body. Having maple syrup in your breakfast can help to protect your body cells against DNA damage or mutation, which can cause cancer. 

Of course, adding maple syrup will not strike out the risk of cancer formation. But maple syrup is a much safer choice if you want to add a high level of refined sugar to your diet. 

11. Maple Syrup Offers The Benefits of Essential Minerals and Vitamins

Maple syrup is a great zinc, manganese, potassium and calcium source. That is why it can provide you with all the benefits zinc, manganese, potassium and calcium offer. 

Zinc helps maintain the white blood cells in your body, strengthening immunity power. At the same time, manganese is essential for maintaining the carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the human body. 

The presence of potassium can also help the human body in various ways. It helps to maintain the nerve signal and regulate the fluid balance. Moreover, it also helps to retain water in our bodies. Potassium in maple syrup can also decrease the blood pressure in our bodies. 

Calcium provides the necessary strength to keep the bone and teeth strong. So, do not forget to add maple syrup while eating breakfast because it will only provide you with nutrients you did not know your body needed. 

12. Increase The Libido

As we have discussed before, natural maple syrup contains ample amounts of zinc, a great mineral offering plenty of health benefits to our bodies. Zinc in our body can play a vital role in men’s reproductive health. Moreover, it can assist in preventing prostate enlargement. 

Maple syrup is also a food that has plenty of manganese. When manganese and zinc combine, they offer better sexual health to both men and women. It also produces sex hormones in men and women. 


Maple syrup, even though it looks like a sweetener and is good for nothing, it adds multiple benefits to our body. From the body to the skin, adding maple syrup to your breakfast offers the strength to battle various inflammatory diseases while offering more strength to your body. So, the next time you hesitate to add more maple syrup, remember all its benefits and not be shy.

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