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One of the types of problems where the consequences of the condition are also damaging is erectile dysfunction, or ED.

Doctors all across the world share the opinion that ED shouldn’t be treated as an illness like typhoid, malaria, etc. Instead, ED could be a sign of some yet-to-be-discovered, more harmful illnesses.

similar to fever, which in and of itself is not a sickness but rather a sign that some dangerous illness is about to strike. When someone has ED, it is obvious that they may also be suffering from another illness that they are unaware of at the time.

For this reason, physicians request a number of test results before prescribing Fildena 100 purple pill, Vidalista, or Cenforce from Pillspalace. This is done to determine whether there is an illness hiding behind ED.

Factors that cause ED


More than a million fatalities from cancer and asthma are directly related to smoking worldwide. But even so, the number of smokers is rising as more and more young people develop a nicotine addiction.

The lack of blood and oxygen causes the organs to function less effectively. Therefore, when someone is sexually stimulated, not enough blood reaches the penis, resulting in a weak erection.

Excessive alcohol consumption

The issue with drinking only arises when the boundaries are crossed. Otherwise, consuming alcohol in moderation might assist in reducing stress and anxiety.

However, when ingested in excess, it first harms the neurological system. The organs no longer respond to the brain. Enzyme secretion that is essential is hindered, as is blood circulation.

In these circumstances, despite sexual arousal, all of the main blood vessels are closed, preventing erection.

This explains why most smokers and intoxicated people utilize ED medications like Fildena 200 mg, Cenforce, and Vidalista from Pillspalace.

Diabetes mellitus

Low insulin levels prevent the blood’s glucose from reaching the cells. As a consequence, blood sugar levels increase to the point where even pee starts to taste sweet.

Diabetes, often known as diabetes mellitus, is this disease. This cannot be managed with 100 percent accuracy, and the only way to regulate it is to monitor your blood sugar levels.

Blood cannot adequately reach the penis because of excessive blood sugar levels since the blood is no longer just blood but a combination of blood and sugar.

 Eating of fast food

One of the reasons one has to take Fildena, Cenforce, and Vidalista from Pillspalace is because of junk food.

Fast food is one kind of food that has a high harmful cholesterol content. The body need good cholesterol in the form of fats. However, bad cholesterol narrows the arteries that carry blood to the organs.

The organs become blood-starved as a consequence, and the heart must pump more quickly to compensate, raising blood pressure and leading to hypertension.

Erection is thus impossible since the organs, including the penis, get less blood. When the cholesterol is higher than normal levels, the disease is also known as obesity. Patients with obesity are often also dealing with ED and diabetes at the same time.


It is less probable that someone with mental illness would seek out sexual pressure. The rationale is straightforward: in order to feel excited sexually, one has to be free of worry and anxiety.

The same is true if someone is melancholy, uncomfortable with others, and prefers to be alone themselves. Such a person would never consider engaging in sexual activity. For this reason, medical professionals check for depression before treating ED.


Unfortunate injuries around the penile area are another factor that contributes to erectile dysfunction, or ED.

As is common knowledge, the flow of blood in the penis determines whether or not the penis will erect. Therefore, if the blood vessels and the region surrounding the penis are damaged. The blood flow via it may be significantly impacted by this.

In mild circumstances, the damage may be repaired with medication and surgery, but in severe cases, the individual ends up as a lifelong ED patient.

Due to ED, we are more likely to contract

  • A person in the ED is particularly susceptible to mental illnesses like depression. An ED patient in our culture is often made fun of and subjected to jokes. Such approach makes the patient feel unworthy by lowering his confidence and esteem for himself.
  • As a result, they become psychologically disturbed, which eventually causes depression.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes each day in meditation and yoga to combat such negative ideas.
  • Treat ED like any other illness, not as something that has made you less manly. These kinds of thinking are the major cause of how miserable their lives are.

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