Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
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Have you seen people speak English? Do you speak English? Well, in today’s world, mostly everyone speaks English and people who don’t know are learning. People take English online tuition to learn English. Their reason for learning English can be anything, for instance, to get hired for a job, to build up their business, for education and some for communication.

English is the only language that is spoken in almost every country. But the main question is why English is widely spoken. Let’s get into it!

Why is English spoken in so many places?

English is used in every business of the modern world. People use English as a bridge to communicate with all business partners across the world. People already working as a businessman search for the best English online tuition where they can learn English quickly. You will find working professionals more than school/university students in online tuition. However, students learn English to upskill themselves. English also helps them in travelling. One can travel around different places easily if one knows English.

Reasons why English is a Global language

Speaking in English is necessary to get a job in a top company. Speaking in English can make you look smarter than other candidates. You will be putting the best impression on the interviewer.

English has spoken in almost every country. English speaking and help you travel the world smoothly. You can meet new people from different cultures and get to know them on a personal level.

Let’s look at a few reasons why English is an international language.

Trading business and British colonisation

The first reason must be because of the British Empire. British colonised almost more than half of the entire world and started a trading business with Africa and Asia. But before that, only an island used to speak English.

Right after the trading business, the British started settling down in many parts of the world, due to which the English language started to spread. The language became the medium to communicate, and very quickly, English became the language of business. Seeing this, people and the British built schools where people could learn English to communicate with the traders.

The USA and American English expansion

Well, after Britain, the USA started their trading business all over the world. The phase between the First and Second World Wars was a really tough time.

As the USA continued to do their business of trading, the English language also continued to spread. This is one of the reasons why the language spread and made people use it more and more. The impact of the British continued.

The domination of music and film

As we all know, the USA has a big hand in spreading the English language via music and film. Hollywood is one of the most famous movie and music industries which is known and watched in almost every country. Youngsters watch and remember the lyrics and movies without changing the audio. They listen to Hollywood’s new styles and songs, such as jazz, rock ‘n’ roll and others. People from different countries listen to those on an everyday basis. The USA influences people all over the world.

In today’s world, there are many platforms that bring English movies to people worldwide. The platforms are Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and more.

The language of technology

Most interestingly, when the USA expanded their music and movie, it invented the internet. As the USA invented the internet, English became its unofficial language. English was seen as a superpower.

However, scientists from all over the world use English for their research and paperwork so that their colleagues can read and understand their writing.

The language of business and trading

Mostly all countries do trading business with other countries, and they use English to communicate with one another. The trading business and the smaller business also need to communicate with their colleagues who stay in a different country, and for that, English is being used. In whichever country you do or open your business, locals are likely to speak with you in English.

English is a very easy language to learn

English doesn’t come under the most complex language. It is true that most of us don’t find it easy, but it actually is. People take spoken English classes from top online tutors. There, people get the correct guidance on English learning. Once the base is clear, English can be an easy language to learn.

Moreover, in today’s world, everything can be found on the internet. People watch YouTube videos where they get free classes to learn English. English can be easily learned with the help of music, media, films, newspaper, and more. Apart from this, practice can make a person learn English faster and most effectively.

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