Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
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Most of the population of the world lives below the poverty line. Want to know the reason why? In this blog, you will discover the few causes behind global poverty. However, students can study global poverty in detail from online tuition for class 9 from top tutors. Most of the online tuition has native as well as foreign tutors at a very affordable price.

Additionally, people living below the poverty line sleep on empty stomachs or spend their entire day with only $2, which seems impossible. There are many causes that are causing global poverty. Let’s discuss a few of them.


One of the biggest causes of poverty is conflict. We have seen many countries conflict with other countries and get destroyed. Countries like Syria also become a target for poverty. They have faced massive violence from other countries and lost everything. People lost their homes as they were asked to flee. They just carried their clothes behind their back and left their home behind. During the violence, the country was left with destroyed infrastructure, structures, streets, etc. Syria’s middle class got completely destroyed, and over 85% of the population now stands below the poverty line.

Additionally, a huge impact can also be seen if the violence is small. The community which is already struggling can fall with small violence. After the violence, a female-headed household can be very common. However, they struggle to earn well, and their vulnerability catches everyone’s eye.

Inequality and marginalisation

The term “inequality” seems very easy, but sometimes it can mislead as it is also used while describing the systemic barriers that leave everyone without a voice. The formula to escape poverty has to be getting involved in the decisive process. This especially helps when you have something to say to put up your place in society.

Marginalisation is based on race, gender, caste or tribal affiliations in every society. All these are social and economic inequality. Within the cycle of poverty, marginalisation also exists.

Malnutrition, hunger, and stunting

You could be thinking that poverty causes hunger, and you might be right, but hunger can be a cause as well as a sustained of poverty. Hunger can cause people to be weak and drain their energy and strength. Moreover, strength and energy are needed for them. It also decreases their immune system, leading to weakness and even malnutrition.

A child’s journey from the womb to the world is very important and critical. It can decide their overall health. A malnourished pregnant lady can pass on malnutrition to her unborn child. The child could have a low height or weight. It can also impact the child’s height, which in most cases, is low for their age.

Poor healthcare systems

In almost every country, the healthcare system is terrible. And also, poverty can cause health disturbance. Diseases like malaria, respiratory infection and diarrhea can be very dangerous, especially for young children. Additionally, the prices of a simple check-up and medicines can cost a fortune for a person who is already in poverty. Not only this, they travel to clinics and hospitals, which can make their family from poverty to extreme poverty.

For women, childbirth can be equivalent to a death sentence. In many countries, pregnant women are not treated with care. In most of the world, women have to visit a doctor only with a male chaperone and tolerate abusive care from a doctor.

Lack of education

People all around the world are struggling with education, especially in the extreme poverty section. It’s not like every uneducated people are living in extreme poverty, but most of them are. They cannot get an education because they lack money to buy books, uniforms, or pay fees.

Education can act as the road to get great equalisation because education can open many doors, including jobs, skills and more. With a good education, they can get the future they deserve.

Climate change

Climate change that causes floods or no water at all can be a cause of global poverty. With too little water, a person will not be able to survive; with too much water, it will destroy all the food they collect. Due to climate change, many people lose their houses and source of income, i.e., farming. Because of climate change, many people are focused on leaving their houses and becoming refugees. This can lead to extreme poverty.

In many parts of the world, flood issues are not being solved or taken care of. Floods have become an issue also in big cities. For the people who are already struggling with poverty, climate change can act as a demon for them. Online tutoring services can help you understand everything about climate change and the relationship between climate change and poverty.

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