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You must all know that customized packaging is of great worth. Custom-made boxes give secure storage to expensive products and create a long-lasting impression on the audience.  Similar is the case with the custom welcome boxes. A welcome box is a package that contains a certain amount of gift hampers.  These boxes are the best way to create a good impression on the guests.  You can use these boxes to greet guests at special events. We customize these boxes with the unique printed occasional theme designs as our customer demand.

Customize Custom Welcome Box According to Your Requirements:

We at iCustomBoxes design custom printed welcome boxes as our customer requests. Our packaging manufacturers have years of experience and know how to give practical shape to your imaginative box. You can share requirements with our team regarding the boxes.  You can tell them how you want the box to look in size, shape, color, layout, etc. Besides this, if you have any design ideas, do share them in raw or specified form. Our team will do its best to create the exact box the client demand.

Choose an Exclusive Shape for Welcome Box Wholesale:

The process of customization is limitless.  You can customize the package in the required shape and layout. Custom welcome boxes in gable form are more popular due to their convenient design. These boxes include a handle that helps carry and move the box easily from one place to another.  Furthermore, they give safe storage to expensive gift items and look very classy in appearance. These boxes give sufficient place for customization. You can decide the box’s size and length according to the product’s quantity and specifications. 

What are the Suitable Material Solutions for Manufacturing Welcome Boxes?

Quality material selection is very important for customizing a quality welcome package. Besides durability, you must ensure the sustainability of the stock as well. Today, people have become aware of the rising threats of global warming. That’s why we suggest the usage of kraft, cardboard and rigid materials. Cardboard and rigid come in the most favorable options. However, we also go for kraft on the customer’s demands. Kraft is made of wooden chips and is a suitable solution to give the custom welcome box an organic look. Similar to kraft, rigid and cardboard paper packaging is also recyclable. Rigid and cardboard are more specified options due to their compatibility with innumerable personalized options.

Design Printed Welcome Box with Special Theme Designs:

As mentioned, welcome boxes make festive events more cherishable and used on various occasions.  Printed welcome boxes are the best source to create a differentiative package following the event’s requirements. Our designers can create a welcome box as you demand.  We print the boxes with the theme designs related to the welcome or birthday parties, wedding events or subscription boxes for the brand’s advertisement. If you need a welcome box for personal usage, you can print the name of the guests that you intend to welcome. Or you can print the welcoming notes to astonish the recipients.  Besides, you can print the welcome outside of the box with the logo and print inside with the wishes to

Give Personal Touch to Welcome Gift Box with Add-Ons

 Usually, welcome boxes are used as a gift to greet someone at their new places like home, school, workplace or college, etc. Including additional solutions can make welcome box packaging more special and engaging. Our add-ons solutions include:

Die-cut with PVC sheet:

A custom welcome box with die cuts gives the viewers a wholesome view of the inside products. Adding a PVC sheet on the window keeps things protected. 


The addition of handles in the box facilitates people carrying the box effortlessly.

Hemp rope/ Ribbons:

Multi-color ribbons and hemp rope give a concluding touch to the box’s packaging and furnishes it elegantly.

Add Value to Custom Welcome Box with Incredible Laminations:

Though the primary purpose of laminations is to create tear and scratch-resistant packages. But the coating of the box with the following coatings enhances the overall value of the gift box.

Foil Stamping:

Hot foil stamping prominent a particular part of the box.  You can coat the name of the guests or important information with silver and gold foiling to create sophisticated and classy prints.

Gloss/Matt Lamination:

Gloss lamination is a more favorable option due to its shiny and shimmering texture. However, if you want to make your package look more elegant, then Matt is a better option.

Get Discounts on Welcome Boxes Wholesale at ICB:

Have to welcome a new batch of university students and require custom welcome boxes in bulk? Join hands with us.  You don’t need to get anxious about the box’s quality. Our company delivers what we commit to our clients. However, the greatest advantage of our services is that we offer special discounts on bulk quantity orders.

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